Take a look at how ‘Live Hyderabad‘ has adopted AI-powered content valuation for a better user experience!

The presence of Artificial Intelligence has increased steadily over the last decade in various business and personal roles. This simulation of human brains by machines is more integrated in our lives than we can imagine! From voice activated assistants on our phones to robots delivering food in restaurants, AI in its many forms has become a staple in the running of our daily lives. If you can imagine it, AI is expected to take over most major business divisions and grow by over 13x to reach a market share of $1.81 trillion by 2030 (source: GrandViewResearch). This means that our lives as we know it will be supplemented by machine learning and futuristic ideals. The best way to adapt for this innovative future is to join the flow and adopt AI into our businesses and lives. To this end, Live Hyderabad has become one of the first news publishers in Hyderabad to adopt an AI technology to bring content valuation to their websites!

In an exemplar collaboration with tech-company Kunato, Live Hyderabad has implemented the patented AI-technology – Kunato.Ai to their websites. This technology brings a common idea to an uncommon space by valuing articles in real-time and assigning them an accurate market value like other common consumable goods. By evaluating factors like quality, trends, uniqueness, impact and genre, the technology uses a set of quantitative deep-learning algorithms to calculate how much every piece of digital content published is worth. 

This new feature has been integrated keeping the readers in mind. As a publication with several verticals such as film, food, travel and sports and reaching a wide userbase, Live Hyderabad has stepped up to streamline their user reading experience with AI as choices can now be made based on the quality and value of the article rather than the popularity of it. What’s even better is that readers can now stay on top of all the news published and can revisit older articles of importance with the new pricing system!

As we integrate AI into our lives, it is of utmost importance to consume content consciously by understanding their innate worth. This new content economy has been brought about by Kunato, a US-based company that has realized its goal of changing how content is created and consumed by bringing monetization to the forefront. Just in 2022 alone, Kunato has gained the support of millions of active users by harnessing the power of AI to restructure the face of content. #Khabarlive #livehyd #hydnews #hyderabadlive #hyderabadi

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